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The User's Guide to Musculoskeletal Examination: Fundamentals for the Evidence-Based Clinician ISBN# 978-0-9714792-3-4

This handbook is quickly becoming the benchmark for orthopaedic physical therapists.

Published in March 2008, you'll find it to be a valuable textbook for students and a helpful reference guide for practicing clinicians:

  • Evidence-Based Format
  • Clearly Presented Descriptions of Tests and Measures
  • Long Shelf Life
  • CD Companion Included with useful videos
  • Illustrated

  • Reasonably Priced at $69.95
    Softcover, 316 pages.

    ISBN# 978-0-9714792-3-4

    Written by practicing clinicians and oft-published researchers Timothy W. Flynn, PT, PhD, Joshua Cleland, PT, PhD, and Julie Whitman, PT, DSc.

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