Dr. Blair H Green

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Blair has been practicing physical therapy since 2000 and has a clinical specialty in the area of pelvic health. She is the founder of Catalyst Physical Therapy in Atlanta, GA. She received her Master of Physical Therapy from MCP-Hahnemann University and her transitional DPT from Evidence in Motion Institute of Health Professions in conjunction with a Pelvic Health Certification. She is board certified in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, and is also a Certified Manual Trigger Point Therapist. Blair’s practice focuses on pelvic floor dysfunction in men and women. She has a special interest in pregnancy-related musculoskeletal dysfunction, and postpartum musculoskeletal health as well as the role of the pelvic floor in athletic performance. She is a certified Pilates instructor and incorporates these principles into her exercise and movement retraining programs. She is active in her community, teaching in the entry-level DPT program at Emory University and serving on the advisory board for Oh Baby! Fitness. She is also active in APTA and in particular, the Section on Women’s Health. She is the co-author of the book Go Ahead, Stop and Pee: Running During Pregnancy and Postpartum. Blair feels strongly that all patients, community members and clinicians should be educated on the role of the pelvic floor in the body. She advocates for post-partum musculoskeletal screening and hopes to change the world of obstetrics by making this practice a mainstay of prenatal and post-partum care.