Dr. Galen E Danielson

Galen Danielson is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and owner at RehabAuthority. Over the past 17 years, he’s embraced his responsibility of finding the right players on the Rehab Team and helping them succeed.  As a founding partner of RehabAuthority, Galen has been an integral part of growing the company from a single clinic, to 17 clinics across Idaho, North Dakota and Minnesota.  The clinics have enjoyed significant growth in new patients, visits and profitability over those years.  In 2018, Galen supported his team in facilitating an all time record of over 80,000 patient visits.  During his off time, Galen spends a lot of time on the lake fishing with his two sons, golfing with his wife of 23 years, and coaching youth sports.  Galen is passionate about the future of physical therapy and the next generation of physical therapists.