Dr. Kevin Lulofs-MacPherson

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Doctor Kevin Lulofs-MacPherson has been a physical therapist since 2002, when he graduated from the University of Florida with his Masters of Physical Therapy.  Feeling been truly blessed to be in this profession but limited in his knowledge base, he knew he needed to further his training in an effort to help more patients.  As such, he sought a concurrent Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy and certification in manual therapy from the University of Saint Augustine for Health Sciences.  As was typical of many of his talented mentors, Doctor Lulofs-MacPherson knew that his training was far from complete.  This was why he choose to undergo fellowship training through Regis University with completion in 2011.  Having learned many lessons and skills along his journey, Kevin has chosen to return the favors bestowed upon him by mentoring and teaching others in the field to which he owes so much.  He currently has the privilege of serving as online faculty for Evidence In Motion and adjunct faculty for the School of Physical Therapy at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Learning from his peers while assisting students that range from intern to fellow-in-training, Kevin is frequently humbled by the profession that he loves so much.  He openly awaits the next steps in his professional journey knowing that one can never learn too much.