Dr. James Rethaber

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Dr. James Rethaber, Ph.D., CPE is currently the Director of Ergonomics at FIT for WORK, LLC in Schertz, TX. He is responsible for analyzing ergonomic-related performance issues, as well as providing training and non-training interventions in order to mitigate ergonomic risk. Dr. Rethaber has completed nearly 4,000 physical demands analyses, as well as serving as an expert witness in work-related, personal injury cases. Dr. Rethaber is also responsible for developing engineering and non-engineering initiatives that reduce injury while also improving productivity (lean ergonomics). Dr. Rethaber has worked in the fields of orthopedic sports medicine, biomechanics, and ergonomics for over 14 years. Dr. Rethaber is a published researcher and a regional and national speaker in regards to ergonomics and injury prevention.